Danny John grew up in Canberra Australia, he first picked up a Guitar at the age of Eight.

Self taught and After the basic musical education that Danny received at Secondary School he decided it was time to take his music to the stage.

Danny spent the next few years honing his skills , diversifying his approach, he performed in Big Bands, Rag Time Quartets, Duos and Trios. The next step was to drop everything and move to where else but Hollywood.


At the musicians institute Danny soon earned a reputation of being one of the top players.

A tenure at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood saw Danny study under and play with the likes of Brett Garsed, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Alan Hinds, Steve Dudas, Ray Luzier, Steve Trovato, Daniel Gilbert, Gary Willis, Art Renshaw.


Danny returned to Australia where he has enjoyed periodic stints with some of Australia's finest.





Danny John Trio






Master Sweep Picking



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